Imperfect Cognition

Tom Fournier

About Site

The purpose of this website is to promote and share my published works as a means to generate interest from publishers and editors for future works.  The site also includes a tab for current works in progress whereby I encourage other writers, researchers and editors to provide criticism.  Finally, I have supplied tabs with background information on my experience, academic preparation, and interests. 

The title of the site, Imperfect Cognition, acknowledges the shared attribute that makes us human.  It is both an affliction and a blessing in that it frustrates our ambitions with humbling errors while providing a worthwhile pursuit - eudaimonia. 

The banner picture on each page - in full below - was taken from the window of my upstairs office in Tucson, Arizona.  Shortly after it was snapped, the clouds coalesced into one of our famously violent but short monsoon thunderstorms.

Tom Fournier